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Fountain head of Feather Hug.

After years of obsession and failures towards entrepreneurship. Veerabhadra and Tulasiram Shekar met in Mumbai accidentally. They started talking about to start a business as partners. After long research, they found the unavailability of perfect breastfeeding nursing covers for Indian moms.

One incident while traveling in local train triggered them severely towards the idea. Husband of a feeding mom asked Veerabhadra to offer seat of him to his wife feed her baby. After offering a seat to her, he can observe the eyes of the commuters on her. So that moment made him more into business.

They seek perfect fabric throughout the main cities of India, which should be breathable at the same time should be fit for all Moms. And they got it.

After a number of trail and errors they designed perfect Feather Hug breastfeeding covers and started selling in Amazon and also other digital marketplaces, they got an overwhelming response from customers for design as well as the quality of the fabric.

Now they are one of the most loved and established brands amongst Indian moms.